Red Dead Redemption 3: Rumours Circulating the Press

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Red Dead Redemption 3 has of course long been a topic of discussion for fans of the RDR games. Developing a RDR 3 would only make sense for Rockstar Games, considering the enormous success of Red Dead Redemption 2. In this article, we summarize everything regarding the possible release of a successor.

Red Dead Redemption 3: Charles Smith would be a great choice as protagonist. | © Rockstar Rockstar Games is primarily known for two game series: Grand Theft Auto aka GTA and Red Dead Redemption. While info on GTA 6 is becoming more and more solid and the game is slowly but surely taking shape, rumors about Red Dead Redemption 3 are still very limited, even though the release of RDR2 was about four years ago and the game was a huge financial success for Rockstar Games.

Considering that big success, Red Dead Redemption 3 should really be less a question of “if”, but much more a question of “when”. We summarize here when you can expect RDR3 and what the possible locations and storyline are.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Not Officially In Development yet Currently, there is no word on whether Rockstar is working on Red Dead Redemption 3 or not. In July, we got the disappointing news that Rockstar apparently stopped work on a RDR remaster. This should free up some resources in the development teams – maybe for a Red Dead Redemption 3 as well?

Considering that GTA is getting its sixth iteration, it’s a safe bet that Rockstar will eventually be working on Red Dead Redemption 3, if they don’t already have some people going ahead with pre-planning. Remember that Red Dead Redemption 2 was in development for 8 years, and we had to wait until they were significantly along production that we first heard about the game.

So far, Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the game. The most we got was them talking about the upcoming changes to artificial intelligence in their games.
In a presentation a few months back, Rockstar promised the following changes to AI:
– Improve the responsiveness and quality of humans and animals with lower production costs
– Machine learning approaches
– Better parity between AI and player-controlled characters

We’ll be sure to post more updates as they come, we’re sure Red Dead 3 is going to be the highlight of discussion for the coming months.

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