A New World of Warcraft Feature: The Trading Post

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World of Warcraft® is introducing a new feature to the game called the Trading Post.

Players will be able to complete monthly activities to earn currency that can be used to purchase cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts. The Trading Post will open for the first time on February 1 in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, with new items and activities being introduced every month.


A new event, The Storm’s Fury, has arrived in the Primalist Future. The Primalists are rallying their strongest forces to preserve their plans to dominate Azeroth, and players will need to head out with their fellow adventurers to seal their portals and defeat their mighty monstrosities. The event will spin up every five hours, and players can head to the Temporal Conflux portal in Thaldraszus to participate.

Rewards for participating in the event include the Skyskin Hornstrider mount, the Time-Lost Vorquin Foal pet, and items to help weather the storm as the Primalists try to freeze their enemies.


Players will now have the ability to expand their wardrobe with Common (white) and Poor (grey) quality gear. Each item will be bind-on-equip and can be added to the Appearances collection, allowing players to mix and match to create the ultimate transmog sets for any occasion.


The Legion Timewalking Weekly Bonus Event has returned and offers players the opportunity to rediscover six of Legion’s dungeons and reap the rewards.

10.0.5 CONTENT UPDATE NOTES Players can learn more about all the 10.0.5 content changes and additions by reading the content update notes on the official World of Warcraft website.

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