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Diablo Immortal: A Predatory Monetization Model

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Diablo Immortal: A Predatory Monetization Model Disgusting Millions of Players Worldwide

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the popular Diablo franchise, released a new mobile game, Diablo Immortal on 2nd June 2022. While the game has seen success in terms of revenue, surpassing $300 million worldwide, players and industry experts alike are outraged at the game’s predatory monetization model.

Monetization Controversy

The game’s monetization model, which heavily relies on microtransactions and in-game purchases, has been criticized for taking advantage of players and encouraging excessive spending. Many players feel that the game’s progression and content is heavily restricted unless they spend money on in-game purchases, leading to a “pay-to-win” experience.

Public Outcry

Players worldwide have expressed their disgust at the game’s monetization model, with many taking to social media and forums to voice their concerns. Many have also called for a boycott of the game and the company behind it. Despite this, the game’s revenue continues to rise, leading many to question the ethics of the game industry as a whole.

Adding to the frustration of players is the fact that Blizzard Entertainment has remained mostly silent on the matter. The company has not addressed the concerns about the game’s monetization model and has not provided any plans for addressing the issue.

Predatory Monetization in the Game Industry

The controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal’s monetization model has brought attention to the larger issue of predatory monetization in the game industry. Many other games, particularly mobile games, rely on similar monetization models that take advantage of players and encourage excessive spending.

The Future of the Game Industry

The success of Diablo Immortal, despite its predatory monetization model, has led many to fear that other game companies will adopt similar practices in the future. This could lead to a decline in the quality and integrity of the game industry, as well as a loss of trust from players.

The Impact on Children: Addiction to Pay-to-Win

Not only is the predatory monetization model of Diablo Immortal and similar games unethical, but it also has a harmful impact on children. Children who play these games may become addicted to making in-game purchases in order to improve their game and keep up with other players. This can lead to excessive spending and financial harm, as well as the development of unhealthy habits and attitudes towards spending and money. It is important for game companies to consider the impact their monetization practices have on children and take steps to ensure that their games are safe and fair for all players.


Despite the success of Diablo Immortal in terms of revenue, the game has faced criticism and backlash from players and industry experts due to its predatory monetization model. The game heavily relies on microtransactions and in-game purchases, leading to a “pay-to-win” experience. This has led to public outcry, calls for a boycott of the game, and concerns about the ethics of the game industry as a whole. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to address these concerns, leading many to question the future of the game industry if similar monetization practices continue.”

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Posted : 14/02/2023 1:56 pm
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