Destiny 2: Where Is Xur Today? Location and Exotic Items for April 7-11

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The hideous monster but make it friendly, Xûr, is now live in Destiny 2 for the weekend until next week’s reset. If you’re looking to get your some shiny new Exotic armor or weapons for your Guardian, look no further.

Each week, Xûr has a random assortment of Exotic armor, one for each Guardian class, as well as a random Exotic Weapon and an Exotic Engram available for purchase. In addition to his Exotic wares, he’s got a random collection of Legendary weapons and armor to deck out your Guardians.

We’ve rounded up all the info on Xûr for the week including where to find Xûr, which Exotic weapons and armor are available, as well as which Legendary weapons you should pick up, either for PvE or PvP.

Where Is Xûr Today?

Xûr’s location today can be found at Watcher’s Grave on Nessus on April 7 through April 11. To reach him, travel to the landing point at Watcher’s Grave. When you arrive, make for the red moss-covered tree straight ahead. Climb up the roots and you’ll find Xûr waiting at the top to sell you exotic items and legendary weapons.

What Is Xûr Selling This Weekend?

Exotic Engram

Sunshot – Exotic Hand Cannon

The Dragon’s Shadow – Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

17 Mobility10 Resilience6 Recovery14 Discipline15 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 64

Helm of Saint-14 – Exotic Titan Helmet

13 Mobility3 Resilience17 Recovery7 Discipline19 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 65

Transversive Steps – Exotic Warlock Leg Armor

16 Mobility9 Resilience7 Recovery18 Discipline2 Intellect13 StrengthTotal: 65

Some decent exotic armor rolls this week, which are mostly ruined by non-spikey and undesirable stat distributions, whether it’s Mobility that’s too high, Resilience that’s too low, and other issues. Definitely not Xur’s best stock!

Exotic Weapons

Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon

Paracausal ShotHammer-Forged RiflingAlloy MagazineEye of the StormPolymer Grip

Dead Man’s Tale – Exotic Scout Rifle

Cranial SpikeArrowhead BrakeRicochet RoundsSubsistenceComposite Stock

We’ve got an almost God-rolled Hawkmoon this week with Hammer-Forged Rifling, Alloy Mag, and Eye of the Storm (the perk of choice for duelists), but Polymer Grip sort of gets us off track (Smooth or Heavy Grips being the ones to look for).

Legendary Weapons

Interference VI – Grenade Launcher

Linear Compensator/Quick LaunchSpike Grenades/High-Explosive OrdnanceClown CartridgeFull CourtVelocity Masterwork

Truthteller – Grenade Launcher

Volatile Launch/Linear CompensatorProximity Grenades/High Velocity RoundsField PrepSwashbucklerHandling Masterwork

Dire Promise – Hand Cannon

Truesight HCS/Crossfire HCSHigh-Calibur Rounds/Flared MagwellAuto-Loading HolsterUnder PressureStability Masterwork

Night Watch – Scout Rifle

Extended Barrel/Full BoreAccurized Rounds/Steady RoundsRapid HitMoving TargetRange Masterwork

Seventh Seraph VY-7 – Submachine Gun

Arrowhead Brake/Polygonal RiflingAccurized Rounds/Extended MagPulse MonitorVorpal WeaponStability Masterwork

Extraordinary Rendition – Submachine Gun

Corkscrew Rifling/Full BoreAppended Mag/Flared MagwellOutlawRampageStability Masterwork

Widow’s Bite – Sniper Rifle

Corkscrew Rifling/SmallboreAccurized Rounds/Appended MagSlideshotQuickdrawRange Masterwork

There are actually quite a few good rolls this week! My top picks would be Interference VI with Spike Grenades and Clown Cartridge (for the extra DPS), Night Watch with Rapid Hit and Moving Target (both great perks on a scout), and Extraordinary Rendition with Outlaw and Rampage (really hard to go wrong there).

Warlock Legendary Armor

For Warlocks, Xûr is selling the Tusked Allegiance set which include:

Tusked Allegiance Gloves

7 Mobility20 Resilience2 Recovery2 Discipline12 Intellect10 StrengthTotal: 53

Tusked Allegiance Chest Armor

12 Mobility7 Resilience7 Recovery2 Discipline13 Intellect10 StrengthTotal: 51

Tusked Allegiance Helmet

11 Mobility6 Resilience7 Recovery2 Discipline18 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 50

Tusked Allegiance Leg Armor

11 Mobility6 Resilience7 Recovery2 Discipline13 Intellect10 StrengthTotal: 49

Tusked Allegiance Bond

This armor is gross and bad. Please don’t buy it, Warlocks.

Titan Legendary Armor

For Titans, Xûr is selling the Tusked Allegiance set which include:

Tusked Allegiance Gauntlets

6 Mobility13 Resilience6 Recovery6 Discipline10 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 47

Tusked Allegiance Chest Armor

14 Mobility12 Resilience2 Recovery6 Discipline6 Intellect10 StrengthTotal: 50

Tusked Allegiance Helmet

6 Mobility12 Resilience8 Recovery8 Discipline10 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 50

Tusked Allegiance Leg Armor

19 Mobility2 Resilience6 Recovery6 Discipline10 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 49

Tusked Allegiance Mark

Warlocks challenged Titans to a bad armor contest, and Titans rose to the challenge. Xur hates us.

Hunter Legendary Armor

For Hunters, Xûr is selling the Tusked Allegiance set which include:

Tusked Allegiance Grips

16 Mobility9 Resilience2 Recovery2 Discipline10 Intellect13 StrengthTotal: 52

Tusked Allegiance Chest Armor

12 Mobility14 Resilience2 Recovery2 Discipline6 Intellect18 StrengthTotal: 54

Tusked Allegiance Helmet

8 Mobility6 Resilience11 Recovery8 Discipline10 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 49

Tusked Allegiance Leg Armor

7 Mobility2 Resilience17 Recovery7 Discipline11 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 50

Tusked Allegiance Cloak

You know it’s a bad week for armor when the highest stat drop is 54 points. Yikes, friends. Yikes.

That’s a wrap on Xûr for this week, Guardians! Have you completed the Root of Nightmares raid yet? If not, you might want to check out the raid guide we put together to guide guardians through Lightfall’s endgame activity.

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