Does Diablo 4 Beta Progress Carry Over into the Main Game?

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Gamers worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4, and the beta version has launched today for pre-order customers and those with beta codes. The beta provides a sneak peek into the game with an entire act, a world boss, and several classes unlocked. However, the most important question for most gamers is whether the Diablo 4 beta progress carries over into the main game.

Progress Wipe

The answer is no, with only a few exceptions. Although your progress carries over between the two beta versions – the pre-order beta and the open beta at the end of the month, everything else will be wiped clean. Your loot, story progress, and levels on all characters will be erased.

Reasons for Progress Wipe

The purpose of this wipe is to prevent any player from having an unfair advantage at launch. Moreover, Blizzard is continuing to work on the game, and there may be hotfixes, patches, and adjustments based on beta feedback. Therefore, the wipe may be necessary from a technical perspective.

Earnable Items That Carry Over

There are three things that do carry over from the beta to launch. These are specific earnable items put in the beta by Blizzard as participation awards. These items include the Initial Casualty and Early Voyager titles, which you can earn by reaching Kyovashad and level 20, respectively. Additionally, the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic is available for those who reach level 20 in the beta.

What Doesn’t Carry Over

However, it’s essential to note that none of these items are loot or power, and everything else will be wiped. Therefore, players can enjoy playing the beta as much as they want, but they should be aware that they will have to start again at launch.


Diablo has always been a game about playing through the story multiple times on various characters and difficulties, and the beta version is no exception.

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