Elden Ring Is Getting An Expansion DLC

Elden Ring Expansion DLC
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Elden Ring Is Getting An Expansion That May Go Into Its Biggest Mystery: Miquella

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s open-world action role-playing game, has been a massive hit since its release, and now the game’s creators have announced the development of a major expansion called Shadow of the Erdtree. While the official announcement provides no details about the DLC’s contents, it features a new character who has become the subject of much speculation among Elden Ring fans: Miquella, the only Empyryan of the family at the center of the game’s storyline, who never appears in the game.

Meet Miquella: The Mystery Character of Elden Ring

Who is Miquella, and why are gamers eager to learn more about her? Miquella’s presence can be felt throughout the game, but players never meet her in person. The twin of Malenia, she has been cursed to remain forever young. Miquella loved her sister and wanted to cure her of the rot that was destroying her. She created the Haligtree, a location that is a haven for anyone rejected by society. The Golden Order religion, which has a significant influence throughout the land, could not find a cure for the rot that was killing Miquella’s family.

What We Know About Miquella and Their Role in the Game

The biggest mystery surrounding Miquella is that Malenia claims she is the most “fearsome” demi-god of them all, even more powerful than Malenia herself. Gamers are curious to know what Miquella is capable of after spending hours trying to defeat Malenia. Mohg, another demi-god, steals Miquella away, preventing players from ever meeting her. However, those who complete the optional portion of the game find out that Miquella isn’t dead. He is sleeping in a flesh cocoon, where Mohg hopes to elevate himself to godhood by feeding on Miquella’s blood.

Miquella’s Connection to Saint Trina and Cut Quests

Saint Trina is another character that appears to be connected to Miquella, and many fans believe they are the same person. The deity appears to be heavily associated with sleeping, which is how Miquella stays alive, according to Sir Gideon. Trina’s Lily flowers, rare items that players collect throughout the game, seem to be a roadmap to Malenia. A popular theory suggests that Miquella has orchestrated players’ entire quests, even while asleep. Miquella’s immense influence allows them to make everyone love and do their bidding. This is why Mohg goes crazy, trying to convene with Miquella’s power.

Implications of Miquella’s Sleeping State and Influence

The Sword of Saint Trina item description reads, “Some say she is a comely young girl, others are sure he is a boy. The only certainty is that their appearance was as sudden as their disappearance.” Miquella is androgynous in appearance, which leads fans to believe they could be Saint Trina. The announcement art for Shadow of the Erdtree features a character who resembles Miquella, including ghostly versions of Trina Lily flowers.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Elden Ring’s New Expansion

Data miners have found cut content related to Saint Trina and Miquella, which has led to more speculation about their connection. Elden Ring had a mechanic where players found sleeping animals to collect their dream mist, which was a central ingredient for a nectar consumed by the NPCs. The Trina Lily was also said to be the primary ingredient in the nectar. Gamers believe that Miquella could have played a more significant role in the game’s main story, with cut quests that may be included in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Conclusion: The Excitement Surrounding Elden Ring’s Expansion and Miquella’s Potential Role

Shadow of the Erdtree may provide answers to many of the questions surrounding Miquella and Saint Trina. Fans are excited to see what FromSoftware has in store for this enigmatic character.

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