Google’s Stadia Shut Down For Good

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Google Stadia has shut down permanently

Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia, closed down just five days ago, leaving many users disappointed and surprised by the sudden decision. According to a statement from Google, the company made the decision to shut down the service after a thorough review of the platform and its portfolio.

Stadia was launched in November 2019 as a cloud-based gaming platform, allowing users to play games on various devices without the need for a console or high-end computer. However, the service struggled to gain a significant user base and faced intense competition from established players such as Microsoft and Sony, as well as newer entrants like Amazon and Facebook.

Stadia users to be refunded

In the wake of the shutdown, Google announced that it will be refunding all users who had purchased Stadia’s Founder’s Edition, Premier Edition, and Stadia Pro subscriptions, as well as games and add-ons purchased through the Stadia store. The company also stated that it will be focusing on other gaming-related initiatives, including its partnership with Unity Technologies to improve the gaming experience on the web.

The closure of Stadia is a significant blow to Google’s gaming division, which has faced a series of setbacks in recent years. In addition to the Stadia closure, Google has also faced criticism for its lack of a dedicated gaming console, and its failure to capture a significant share of the gaming market. While the closure of Stadia marks the end of this particular venture, Google has assured that it will continue to explore new opportunities in the gaming industry to bring the best gaming experience to users.

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