Hunt: Showdown is Getting an Engine Upgrade to CryEngine 5.11

Hunt: Showdown
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The Rare Upgrade for a Legacy Game

Hunt: Showdown, the cowboy extraction shooter game from Crytek, is receiving a rare upgrade to its engine from its current legacy version of CryEngine 5.6 to the latest 5.11 build. This marks a significant milestone for the game, as upgrading engines can be a complex process that could introduce new problems.

The Benefits of CryEngine 5.11 Upgrade

The upgrade promises to bring gameplay enhancements and improved graphics, although Crytek did not provide any specific examples.

The Long Technical Road Ahead

David Fifield, Crytek’s general manager, stated that it will be a “long technical road” to update the game’s engine, so players should not expect it anytime soon. Crytek will discuss the progress of the upgrade as it reaches meaningful milestones. In addition to the engine upgrade, Hunt: Showdown will also receive an overhaul of its onboarding tools for new players. The team is working to improve the tutorial and provide better explanations for players.

A Renewed Commitment to Hunt: Showdown

The commitment to upgrading Hunt: Showdown’s engine suggests that Crytek is dedicated to keeping the game technologically relevant in the years to come. The team is curious to see how high the game’s population and engagement can go. The recent Devil’s Moon event demonstrated the team’s willingness to tweak the game’s fundamentals and keep players on their toes.

Overhauling Onboarding Tools for New Players

The game is currently celebrating its five-year anniversary with a big sale and a new DLC hunter. Crytek is committed to keeping the game fresh and exciting for its player base, which is showing year-on-year growth. The engine upgrade is part of Crytek’s efforts to achieve this goal.

Crytek’s Curiosity for the Future of Hunt: Showdown

In conclusion, the upgrade to Hunt: Showdown’s engine is a significant milestone for the game, which promises to bring gameplay enhancements and improved graphics. Crytek’s dedication to upgrading the engine suggests a renewed commitment to keeping the game technologically relevant in the years to come.

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