Kelvin Goes Lumberjack Mode: Sons of the Forest Players Beware!

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Kelvin’s Lumberjack Adventures

Oh boy, the players of Sons of the Forest can’t seem to catch a break with Kelvin around. This NPC helper is causing quite the commotion in the forest, and not in a good way. The poor lad just can’t tell the difference between a wooden home and a wooden resource.

Timber! Kelvin Strikes Again

It’s like giving a toddler a chainsaw and telling them to go wild – disaster is bound to strike. Since the game launched, players have been reporting that their treehouse bases keep getting chopped down by Kelvin. It’s like he has a vendetta against wooden structures.

When NPC Helpers Go Rogue: Kelvin’s Reign of Destruction

One YouTuber, ZChumYT, shared a clip of their gameplay where they were standing on top of their wooden structure before hearing a loud thump. When they went to investigate, they found Kelvin chopping down one of the support structures, causing the whole base to crumble to the ground. I guess that’s one way to remodel your home.

And it’s not just ZChumYT – players all over the Sons of the Forest subreddit are sharing their own horror stories of Kelvin’s destruction. One Reddit user, THEYCALLMETYTY, shared a gif of Kelvin cutting down a massive tree that was the base for their treehouse in progress. Kelvin even gave them a thumbs up afterward, like he knew exactly what he was doing.

The Great Wooden Massacre: How Kelvin Became the Lumberjack Villain of Sons of the Forest

It’s safe to say that Kelvin’s chopping spree has become a bit of a meme among players. The highest-rated Steam review for the game recounts a story of how the player asked Kelvin to collect logs, only to turn around and see him chopping down their tree shelter. But hey, at least the player gave Kelvin a “100/10” rating for effort.

The Chainsaw-Wielding Toddler: Kelvin’s Misadventures in Sons of the Forest

So, if you’re playing Sons of the Forest and you hear the sound of trees falling, it’s probably just Kelvin on the loose. Just don’t give him any more chainsaws, okay?

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