Mario Kart 64 Is Now Available In HD Graphics

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Fans of the classic Nintendo 64 game, “Mario Kart 64,” can now experience the game in enhanced quality thanks to a fan project. YouTube user Andrat has developed a mod for the game that upgrades the graphics to high definition (HD). The mod is available on GitHub and can be run on the Dolphin emulator or a standard emulator with the legal version of the ROM.

Mario Kart 64, released in 1996, was a revolutionary game in the franchise, introducing 3D graphics and selling over 9.87 million copies worldwide. While the game received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since been recognized as an industry-defining moment in the evolution of console gaming. The HD mod, which can be seen in a trailer on Andrat’s YouTube channel, brings the game’s visuals up to modern standards and allows players to experience the classic title in a new light.

Check out the trailer on youtube

It is worth noting that the Dolphin emulator natively supports GameCube titles, but not Nintendo 64 games. The mod is similar to a texture pack for emulators, meaning it is unlikely to be removed due to copyright issues. Andrat used the same method as the original developers to create the HD version of the game, bringing a beloved classic back to life for fans to enjoy.

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