Paralives: The Highly Anticipated Life Simulation

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Paralives: Does it spell doom for The Sims?

The Sims franchise has long dominated the cosy life-simulator genre, with no developer daring to challenge its depth. However, an indie-game developer, Alex Massé, has finally taken on the challenge with Paralives, a game that is rapidly gaining fan anticipation with each developer update. This article looks at the Paralives vs Sims 4 battle and explores why it should have EA and Maxis worried.

More Base Game Content!

One of the most significant differences between Paralives and Sims 4 is their approach to base-game content. The Sims 4 is notorious for its endless DLC catalog, with many fundamental elements of a life simulator locked behind a paywall. Paralives is taking a different approach by including pets, dogs, cats, and horses, as an essential part of the base-game. The developers have also confirmed that the four seasons will be available from release, creating a more complete experience for players.

Paralives Screenshot from Steam

Paralives’ Pets are an Important Part of the Game

Paralives’ pets will be an essential part of the game, and players can look forward to a more immersive experience. This is in contrast to The Sims 4, where pets are locked behind a paywall. Paralives’ approach demonstrates the developer’s commitment to creating a complete initial experience for players.

Colors, Colors Everywhere

Paralives takes customization to a whole new level, boasting a hex-code color wheel for character customization, allowing players to create their dream characters without restrictions. This feature is a significant difference when comparing Paralives vs Sims 4. The absence of this feature in The Sims 4 has caused controversy, leading to EA adding over 100 new skin tones six years after the game’s release. Paralives’ color wheel extends to all clothing and accessories, creating a more unique game-world that more closely emulates our own. Home designers can also benefit from the color wheel feature, giving them greater creative freedom than in The Sims 4.

Paralives’ Color Wheel Extends Player Customization to New Levels

Paralives Screenshot from Steam

A Whole New (Open) World

Open-world environments have been the player base’s holy grail in The Sims franchise, with past attempts falling flat. Paralives aims to address this issue by featuring multiple open-world environments and a World Creation tool that allows dedicated players to create their open worlds. The game also features cars, a highly requested feature in The Sims 4, which has eluded players for years.

Paralives’ World Creation Tool Allows Players to Create Open Worlds.

When and Where Can I Buy Paralives?

Paralives is not yet available for purchase, but the developers have released a roadmap detailing the game’s future. When it is ready, players will be able to find it on Steam for Windows and Mac at an unannounced price. This level of transparency is rare in the modern games industry, and it allows players to anticipate the game’s release date with excitement.

The Paralives Steam page can be found here:

Paralives Screenshot from Steam

Paralives vs Sims 4: Conclusion

The Sims 5 (Project Rene) is still years away from release, making the Paralives vs Sims 4 battle the question on players’ minds. While The Sims 4 remains the benchmark for all life-simulators, Paralives’ ambition and commitment to creating a complete gaming experience are admirable. The game offers players greater customization options, essential base-game content, and open-world environments that will be a refreshing change from the Sims franchise. The competition is stiff, but Paralives is an exciting addition to the genre.

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