Player Reaches Level Cap Without Leaving Starting Boat: World of Warcraft

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A World of Warcraft player has reached the level cap without leaving the starting boat

Cheatcho, a World of Warcraft player, has achieved a unique milestone by reaching the new level cap of level 70 in the game’s Dragonflight expansion without leaving the starting boat. This feat was made possible through WoW’s account-wide Pet Battle quests, which players can complete on any character in the game. Cheatcho’s character remained on the boat the entire time, never leaving it or engaging in combat.

Pet Battles

Pet Battles are mini-games where players can use their in-game pets to battle against others. The rewards for Pet Battles are typically obtained only by the character that participated in them, but there are a few account-wide quests that players can complete on any character. Cheatcho took advantage of this feature by parking their character at each of the five tamers that provide account-wide quests, allowing them to level up their character from level 60 to 70 in about 60 real-life days. They completed each quest for about five minutes each day and logged out and logged in on the Panderen that they were passively leveling.

The ultimate solo player way to level up

The ultimate solo player way to level up According to Cheatcho, the reason for their achievement was because it’s the ultimate solo player way to level up a character. They did not engage with other players, never left the ship, never defeated any dungeon boss or even grouped with anyone else. Cheatcho considers doing it fun. Which we question at

An impressive accomplishment

While Cheatcho’s accomplishment is impressive, it also raises the question of why they would choose to level up their character in such an isolated way. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing feat that demonstrates the diversity of gameplay options available to World of Warcraft players.

The milestone achieved by Cheatcho follows DoubleAgent’s achievement in reaching max level after the Legion expansion dropped, after spending over 8,000 in-game hours playing as a pacifist panda. Although both players have different playstyles and methods, they demonstrate that there are many ways to play World of Warcraft.

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