Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Is A Fun Bug Ridden Time Killer

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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is a police simulation title from Aesir Interactive and Astragon Entertainment GmbH. It can be enjoyed solo or with a friend either locally or online, and gives players the chance to step into the shoes of a law enforcement officer.

The game allows players to complete a variety of tasks, including ticketing illegally parked vehicles, confiscating weapons, investigating crimes, arresting drug dealers, and preventing graffiti. As they progress, they must also make decisions as to whether to give offenders warnings, fines, or arrests. However, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is plagued with bugs and glitches, which can detract from the overall experience. It is still enjoyable, however, and can be quite humorous at times. Players get to interact with a range of NPCs, and are rewarded with badges when they complete their tasks. In addition, they can also unlock a police car and undertake speed checks as they explore the three districts of Brighton. If players are able to look past the issues, they will find an entertaining game full of interesting tasks and characters. The visuals are pleasant, with detailed vehicles and varied characters. The sound effects are also realistic, with accurate police sirens and engine noises, as well as environmental sounds that bring life.

Unfortunately, the often game-breaking issues ruin the immersion and the fun factor. Whether you are playing solo or with another, you’ll sigh repeatedly as you can’t complete a set task. The lip sync and cutscenes are pretty woeful, and the acting is dreadful. However, the wooden delivery will have you roaring with laughter. Remember though, if you get it wrong, you will pay the consequences. This mechanic follows you throughout every shift and is a core component of this rather simple game. If you incorrectly tow a vehicle or give it a ticket, you’ll slide closer to losing your job. Furthermore, if you report someone for speeding, crash into another car, or act like a dick, it will backfire and your bosses won’t be very happy.

It’s fair to say that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has its moments. The comical responses from every NPC, the sense of reward as you ticket illegally parked cars, and the freedom to make decisions as a police officer are all enjoyable. Yet, the game-breaking issues and the lack of a compelling narrative are its downfalls. The developers must acknowledge the problems they have and cannot ignore how much they impact the end product.

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