Player Reaches Level Cap Without Leaving Starting Boat: World of Warcraft

A World of Warcraft player has reached the level cap without leaving the starting boat Cheatcho, a World of Warcraft player, has achieved a unique milestone by reaching the new level cap of level 70 in the game’s Dragonflight expansion without leaving the starting boat. This feat was made possible through WoW’s account-wide Pet Battle…

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Dragonflight Season 1 Brings New Raid, Mythic+ Dungeons, Arena, and PvP Season to World of Warcraft

Dragonflight Season 1 arrives to World of Warcraft on December 13 and brings a new raid, Mythic+ dungeons, a new Arena, and a new PvP season. The first raid players will experience in Dragonflight is the Vault of the Incarnates. It features eight new boss encounters and will open with the weekly maintenance for each…

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