The Best Tank To Play: WoW Dragonflight

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What are Tanks and which is the subjective best tank in WoW right now?

Tanks in World of Warcraft (WoW) are responsible for absorbing damage and protecting the rest of the party or raid. In the Dragonflight expansion, there are several tanking classes available, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle.

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Dragonflight Tank Tier List

S Tier: At the top of the list for tanks in WoW Dragonflight is the Demon Hunter. This class excels in both damage output and survivability, making it a top choice for raid leaders. Its unique abilities, such as Metamorphosis and Immolation Aura, allow for high threat generation and damage reduction. In addition, the Demon Hunter’s mobility and self-healing capabilities make it a great choice for both solo and group content.

A Tier: Next on the list is the Death Knight. While not quite as strong as the Demon Hunter, the Death Knight is still a formidable tank. Its ability to generate threat through diseases and runes, as well as its array of powerful self-healing abilities, make it a great choice for Mythic+ dungeons and raids. Additionally, the Death Knight’s mastery of the runeforge system allows for a level of customization and versatility that other tanks cannot match.

B Tier: In this tier, we have the Warrior and the Paladin. While both are still viable as tanks, they are not as strong as the Demon Hunter and Death Knight. The Warrior struggles with survivability and the Paladin with low threat generation. Both classes have useful raid utilities, but in general they are not as good as the S and A tier tanks.

C Tier: Lastly, we have the Druid. While the Druid is a versatile class that can fill many roles in a raid, it is not the best choice for a tank. The Druid’s low threat generation and lack of raid-wide utility make it a less desirable choice for raid leaders. However, it can be used in Mythic+ dungeons with a experienced player.

In conclusion, the Demon Hunter and Death Knight are currently the strongest tanks in WoW Dragonflight, followed by the Warrior and Paladin in B Tier. The Druid is at the bottom of the list in C Tier. It’s important to note that the tier list is not definitive and is based on current raid meta. Factors such as player skill, gear, and raid composition can also play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of a tank.

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