The Controversy Surrounding Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic’s Removal from Steam

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Why Has Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Been Removed from Steam?

The popular indie game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has recently been removed from Steam due to a DMCA request. It’s a puzzling move for the developer, 3Division, as the game has been well-received by fans and critics alike. However, a recent controversy may shed light on the situation.

The Alleged Incident with the Player and Game Developer

According to reports, a player who had written a guide on how to play the game more realistically was promised to be added to the game’s credits as a goodwill gesture by the developers. The developers had already been working on a game mode that incorporated these ideas, but they hadn’t yet released it.

The player was allegedly told that they wouldn’t be added to the credits until after the new mode had been completed and released. In response, they reportedly started to abuse the YouTube report system by issuing copyright strikes to one of the studio’s most helpful influencers.

Game Developer’s Response to the Alleged Incident

As a result of the player’s behavior, the developers withdrew their offer to credit the player. This reportedly led the player to take matters further. They reported the game’s website and had it taken down, and then began reporting other official YouTube videos from the studio as well.

Update on the Situation from Game Developer

The situation has now escalated to the point where the game has been taken off Steam due to a DMCA request. The player is reportedly claiming that they own the rights to the realistic game mode, which has caused significant issues for the developer.

3Division is currently working to resolve the issue, but it’s a difficult and complex situation. The player in question is allegedly a lawyer, which has led some to speculate that they are using their legal knowledge to intimidate the developer.

In an update, 3Division’s Peter Adamcik commented on the situation, calling it “very disturbing.” He suggested that the player was abusing their legal knowledge and that their ideas were not new. He also expressed concern about the damage that the controversy could cause to the developer, Valve, and the game’s community as a whole.

Concerns on the Effect of DMCA Mechanism and Signed Lawyer in the Gaming Industry

The situation highlights the challenges that developers face when dealing with intellectual property issues in the digital age. While DMCA requests are an essential tool for protecting intellectual property, they can also be abused, as appears to be the case here.


It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved, but it serves as a warning to developers to be cautious when dealing with members of their community who have legal knowledge. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of the DMCA in protecting intellectual property and the potential for abuse of the system.

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