Wall Hacks glitch in Modern Warfare 2

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The player base of Modern Warfare 2 is expressing frustration and annoyance over a game-breaking bug that has recently been discovered. Just a few days after the latest update was released and before the professional Call of Duty circuit began, players have reported that this bug is causing major problems in the game.

Wall hacks in call of duty

One player has even shared a viral clip demonstrating an in-game exploit that allows name tags to be seen through walls, giving the same benefits as wall hacks. This exploit has caused concern among the player base, as hacking has been a long-standing issue in Call of Duty, especially on PC.

Many players have taken to social media and online forums to voice their complaints about this bug, with some calling for the game developers to fix it as soon as possible. Some players have even threatened to boycott the game until the issue is resolved.

It is clear that the player base is extremely unhappy with the current state of the game.

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