World of Warcraft’s Recruit A Friend program gets major update with new rewards and features

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced an update to its Recruit A Friend program for World of Warcraft. The program allows players to invite up to 10 friends to play with them, earning rewards and game time as they progress. The update introduces several new features, including the ability to invite returning players who have not had an active account in the past year.

One of the key features of the Recruit A Friend program is the ability for players to teleport to each other using the Friend-to-Friend Summoning feature. This allows players to quickly join up with their friends and tackle challenging content together. The program also offers a 50% bonus to experience when players are partied together, making it easier and faster to level up.

In addition to these fan-favorite features, the update introduces a host of new rewards for players to earn. These include unique mounts, pets, and titles, as well as game time rewards. The more friends players invite, the faster they will earn these rewards. Players can earn rewards for up to 12 months, with game time rewards awarded every 3 months after that.

Another new feature introduced in the update is the Party Sync feature, which aligns players’ quest states and phases, making it easier to play together. Party Sync also allows players to replay certain quests for rewards appropriate to their current level. This means that players who have already completed a quest can help their friends complete it, without having to worry about being too high-level for the rewards.

Overall, the Recruit A Friend update offers players a range of new features and rewards to enjoy, making it easier and more rewarding to play World of Warcraft with friends.

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