WoW cross-faction guilds “being considered,” Blizzard says

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World of Warcraft has recently introduced cross-faction raiding, which allows players of different factions to group up and take down common foes. The feature has been highly requested by the World of Warcraft community for a long time and its implementation was met with near-universal jubilation. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed that cross-faction guilds are also in the works, though there is currently no timetable for their release.

In addition to the exciting news about cross-faction guilds, Hazzikostas also revealed changes coming to Mythic Plus in the upcoming expansion, Dragonflight. The difficulty of Keystone dungeons in Dragonflight will be more balanced compared to previous expansions, which means that lower-skilled players will no longer be able to clear high-level keys or earn the most powerful items from Mythic Plus by design. This change may be controversial among the World of Warcraft community, as many players are casual and may not enjoy the increased difficulty.

Overall, the potential for cross-faction guilds in World of Warcraft is a welcome addition that players have been requesting for a long time. While the changes to Mythic Plus may be met with some resistance, they should ultimately create a more balanced and rewarding experience for all players. It will be interesting to see how these updates are received by the World of Warcraft community and how they impact the game in the future.

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